The Autumn Block provides much needed surface area when preparing fruits and vegetables.  As functional as it is appealing.  3” thick end grain lumber with rubber feet attached to prevent slipping.  Grooved out handles make moving it from one work space from another a breeze.  Crafted from Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Maple, Red Grandis, and Hickory. Comes with care card.

Autumn 12x15 Block

$115.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
  • Measures: 12" Wide x 3" Thick x 15" Long

    Not recommended for raw meats.  Never place in an oven or use as a hot plate!  

    Hand Wash ONLY. Never place your cutting board in the Dish washer. Wipe dry. Store in ventilated areas.

    This cutting board is pre-oiled with natural bees-oil. Monthly re-oiling is recommended to protect & preserve the wood. Never use vegetable oils, they become rancid and tacky.

    After initial use the wood may feel slightly rough. With continued use of proper care, the wood will develop its own seasoned beauty and feel.


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