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Autumn End Grain Cutting Boards

Handcrafted by expert wood workers, this board features a mix of Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Red Grandis, and Hickory. Our Autumn cutting boards are currently available in two different styles and three sizes. Each has four rubber feet that aid in preventing the board from slipping and sliding while you are chopping.

Why End Grain?

End grain provides the most durable wood surface for chopping, it also reveals a deep color and grain pattern that can't be seen in a different cut.

Small Autumn Cutting Board

Our smallest size is 9" x 1" x 12". The small size is most often purchased for Wedding Gifts. You can place it in a beautiful gift box and give the Bride and Groom an heirloom quality gift that will last.

Medium Autumn Cutting Board

12" x 1" x 15" is our most popular size. Fits well on your kitchen counter top! Easily display cheese and crackers during a home party. Use it to chop your vegetables and herbs while making dinner for your family. We use Walnut Wood because it has a natural defense against bacteria, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but practical.

Autumn Chopping Block

Heavy Duty End Grain Board is 2 3/4" Thick. The Autumn Chopping Block features grooved out handles underneath on two ends, that allows you to move this board from the kitchen to dining room with ease. Make no mistake, it is crafted with solid hardwood and for some can be heavy, it doesn't always make the best gift for Grandma. The depth is visually stunning and becomes a piece of Kitchen Decor that you will want to show off!

Large Autumn Cutting Board

Currently our largest size, 14" x 1" x 18". If you often have large gatherings in your home; the holidays, Super Bowl, Birthday parties, this is the board for you. Display a meat and cheese platter with chopped veggies on the other half. Excellent choice for Chefs and Catering Companies to use for events as well.

Beeswax Oil

Each of the Cutting Boards offered at Lakota Lane is finished with our Beeswax oil. Each bottle is equivalent to a one year supply. We recommend re-oiling the board every 30 days to keep it looking luxurious. The beeswax will help fill in the cut marks, as you use your cutting board. The texture will change over time, and this is to be expected.

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