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April Newsletter

OMG it's Spring! We have got some fantastic things going on this month. New products. Events. Charity work. Online Parties. New product development.

Rustic Walnut Welcome Sign in Decor

Last Hope Animal Rescue

We are proud to announce that for the month of April we will be donating 1 bag of kitten food or kitty litter for every item sold online. The Last Hope Animal Rescue is based out of Hastings, MN. They do fantastic work and our family adopted a kitten from them in February of this year. A very happy little girl named, Amren.

New Products

Today we added our Epoxy poured metal signs & Powder Coated metal signs into the Decor section of the website. More colors & designs will be added through out the month of April.

Autumn & Aurora cutting boards will be added on 4/11. These were available for purchase at our March Events and did so well that we sold out of both styles. They are being hand crafted now.

Our beeswax oil will be available for purchase on 4/8. It will be $8 and include free shipping in the USA.

Want a FREE Cutting Board?

Lakota Lane Online Parties are in full swing. We are hosting strictly online events on Facebook. These are private events and done through my personal page so that all party attendees are chosen by our host. Hosts get a bunch of awesome kick backs! Including free product and shopping sprees.

How does it work?

Say you decide to host a Lakota Lane party, which we hope you do, and that the event grosses $300. You as our host would receive a free 9x12 cutting board. We have 3 styles for you to pick from. And you will also get a $30 host credit. That $30 can be spent on our website at any time over the next 6 months.

We also ask our hostess to select between 2 local charities. If 20 people or more attend the online party Lakota Lane provides a donation to that charity.

Online Parties are an easy way to online shop from the comfort of your own home. We do games and contests for our guests to earn free prizes and samples. Shop our cutting boards, decor, and furniture. All shipping is FREE for any purchases made during the event.

Want to host?

Send us a message via Facebook. OR Chat on our website. OR Send us an email at

Product Development

We take your requests to heart. Here are a list of new products that are currently being built, tested, and pro-typed.

1. Epoxy Poured Cribbage Boards

2. Epoxy Coffee Tables

3. Epoxy End Tables

4. More metal sign designs

5. Beeswax Butter for deep groove marks

6. Furniture Polish

More Stock Coming

1. Rustic Walnut Welcome Signs

2. Rustic Walnut Mason Jar Holders

3. Turn Tables/Lazy Susan

4. Epoxy Welcome Signs

5. Aurora Cutting Boards

April Events

This month we are for certain doing 1 show in Andover, MN on 4/20. 2 more dates may be added by the end of this week. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or check our website for more show dates.

On the Blog

Our Blogger has 3 posts coming out this month.

Lakota Lane Brides

How to Use Beeswax Oil

Explore the Aurora Cutting Boards

Striving to bring heirloom quality home decor to today's market.

-Lakota Lane

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