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Greetings from the Land of 10,000 Hot Dishes,


     Lakota Lane was founded by a Husband and Wife team that believe hard work and dedication can get you anywhere in life.  Born and raised in Minnesota we are admirers of the great outdoors.  Our obsession with wood grains and knots is effortlessly displayed in our collections.


     Our family owns and operates a Multi-Award Winning Tree Farm located in Southern Minnesota.   There we grow some of the largest Walnut trees in the State.    The farm is a past winner of the State of Minnesota’s highest conservation award. Our latest tree audit showed that we have 31,000 new Walnut trees growing strong as of Spring 2019.  

       When we say handcrafted, we mean handcrafted.  We have a wonderful team of Amish Woodworkers that show off their skill level in our pieces.  Each piece of lumber is hand selected, kiln dried, finished to Artisan quality.  Our pieces are as unique as they trees that created them.  Wood grain and knot patterns are never identical.  


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-Gage & Raya Coash

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